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Shop at Marsana

Marsana is home to a wide selection of inviting retail outlets and boutiques. These shops and stores sell everything from food and household goods to luxury items. Visitors to Marsana can treat themselves to some much-needed retail therapy, exploring the diverse range of goods and wares on offer.

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Leen Outlet Market

Leen Outlet Market

The Leen Group brings its experience and expertise to Marsana with its brand-new convenience store, Leen Outlet Market. Offering world-class customer service and access to a wide range of quality products, Leen Outlet Market has been set up to cater exclusively to customers in prestigious and upscale communities. The store’s impressive range of products includes the very best canned and packed foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, hot and cold beverages, snacks, sandwiches, chocolates, biscuits, toys, and mobile accessories.